'suffering' Tagged Posts

'suffering' Tagged Posts

Majesty Mocked

In Matthew 27 we have an account of a series of events that took place in the lead up to Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. One of the scenes we have in this chapter is the despicable and demeaning way the soldiers treated Jesus. To them, Jesus was just another criminal. Matthew records it as follows,

The Persecution of the People of God

Among other things, hatred, hardship and hostility have beaten against the people of God throughout history. The Bible makes it clear that in the Christian life these things are inescapable on this side of glory. Way back in Genesis 4 we learn about the hatred Cain displayed towards his brother Abel. This hatred led to the murder of his very own brother. Why did he do…

What the Death of Christ Means for us

Over the years, the cross has become a religious symbol for many Sadly, this is only a symbol and a religious add-on to their lives. We need to know and remember that there is a a deep and profound meaning when we think of the cross of Christ. In the first century the cross was the place where painful and gruesome public execution occurred. The horrific event of the Lord…

God is in Heaven

Our Father in heaven” (Matt. 6:8)? In this post I want to dwell on the two words “in heaven” because they are filled with glorious truth that ought to greatly encourages us when we pray. The Scriptures teach that God is everywhere (omnipresent). Yet in a special way, His abode is located in Heaven. It is the place in which He rules and governs the…

This is War!

The devil still fights us. Though he has been defeated by Jesus he goes on to make war on the church (Revelation 12:7f). The devil attacks the church by physical persecution (Revelation 13). But he also attacks the church by the more subtle attack of false teaching, which distorts the truth and takes Jesus’ servants away from him.