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'Scripture' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

How to be Filled with the Spirit

In my previous post I discussed the meaning of being filled with the Spirit. The next question that I want to address is, how does the believer receive this filling? It is important to point out that the means in which one is “filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18) has nothing to do with self-achievement, speaking in tongues, or being a part of some super-spiritual…

Oliphint on “getting a word from God”

Picture credit: Some rights reserved by epiclectic Back in September, K. Scott Oliphint penned an article over at Reformation 21 on the tension between the concept of “getting a word from God“, and the Reformed and Evangelical doctrine of Scripture. I only read it quite recently, but…

The Bible’s Authority

When it comes to knowing God’s will, seeking guidance, providing teaching on matters concerning salvation and spiritual growth many are asserting that churches ought to look outside of Scripture. This can be seen by those who embrace and promote personal experience, extra-biblical revelation, mysticism, philosophy, seeker sensitive strategies, and even tradition for…
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