'Religion and Spirituality' Tagged Posts

'Religion and Spirituality' Tagged Posts

Is Christianity a Religion?

Picture credit: Wikipedia In The Myth Of Religious Violence, William T. Cavanaugh analyses the use of the term “religion” and uncovers some very interesting things. Some of these things I may expand upon at a later date, but one part of the discussion I will quote below (p. 63). Here he quotes and paraphrases Augustine of Hippo: ‘For…

So, you think you’re a good person?

Sometimes we come across stuff we want to share with our readers. Because we don’t indulge in plagiarism, so common in the blogging community, when we do, we will provide a brief summary and links to the location of the original article. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING**** SIMON’S SHORTS: “Throughout most of history our actions have been an indicator of our character,…

Who Are We?

The contemporary use of the word ‘evangelical’ often refers to a vague mass of people with different convictions, confessions and beliefs about the Gospel. Sometimes this even includes persons who do not believe in the authority of the Bible and, like liberal theology of old, believe in a theology based on consensus, modern psychology or worldly politics.