'humility' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

'humility' Tagged Posts (Page 2)

Set Your Mind On…

It is directly related to how we personally view God. Do we see the power of God, His majesty and His Glory and in response humble ourselves. Or are we more impressed with how God uses US? Is God our focus – or are we?

Why do I need Jesus?

Recently I was given the opportunity to tell people at church about how I came to be a Christian. It’s always a bit nerve-racking to stand up the front of a group of people and be vulnerable about your past. However I am a strong believer in being real about our struggles and trials in life so that we can see God’s power at work. No one is perfect. Everyone…

Taming our Tongue

I tend to open my big mouth too quickly. When I recognise myself speaking too readily during a conversation, I must learn to consciously shut my mouth more, and concentrate on what the other person is saying so I better know what to say and what not to say.