'God' Tagged Posts (Page 5)

'God' Tagged Posts (Page 5)

Christ’s Sacrifice for Us

We get so caught up in living for ourselves, that we put Him aside as a side-dish or just ‘a part’ of our lives. How tragic!! Praise God that Jesus didn’t have the same attitude that we so often have. He completed the work He was sent to do, and as a result brought glory to His Father (John 17:4) and has offered us the only source of salvation (John 14:6) from an eternity…

Through Faith in Christ we are Justified NOW

So how is one declared righteous or justified before God? We have no hope given what He demands is absolute perfection. However our hope doesn’t rest in our work, but the work of Jesus on our behalf. Rom 5:1 says “since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ”. It’s through faith in the work that Jesus has done for us that we…

Leading a Balanced Life

If we don’t lead a disciplined life we will not attain what God has for us. If we are serious about our relationship with God, we dare not approach His purposes for us with a complacent attitude. This will only lead us down a path of mediocrity, shame and regret!