The Security of Salvation

The Security of Salvation

Are the Saved Secure?  Heb 6:4-12

The writer of Hebrews is unknown but felt to be Paul.

Hebrews is a pastoral letter to believers in the faith.

The main question is: ‘Who are the writer of Hebrews talking to?’

  1.  Serious Warning (v 4-8)
    • The description in verse 4 and 5 can be true of both those who are saved and unsaved. Thus they are not EXCLUSIVE terms for a believer.
    • The nation of Israel experienced enlightenment, they tasted of the heavenly manna, they were partakers in the works of the Holy Spirit and tasted the goodness of the word of God. HOWEVER, only a remnant went into the promised land…
    • Knowledge is not enough for the EFFECTUAL call of salvation. The effectual results in a dramatically changed life.
    • The falling away is when those who have an intellectual knowledge  and experienced the truth, actively decide to turn away and reject the truth. This is the point of no return.
    • v7-8. Illustration of the believer and unbeliever (See Matt 13:18-23)
  2.  Security of the Warning (v 9-12)
    • v9. This verse talks about the ‘better things’  of true salvation.
    • v10-12. The writers asks the Jews who are not saved yet to make haste and turn to Christ.