The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown

The Great Unknown | John 4:1-15

In John chapter four we come to find out that the God of this universe hasn’t chosen to be distant and unknowable, but the opposite has actually occurred. The great all-knowing God has drawn near to to our well so to speak, in the person of Jesus who is both fully God and fully man. Despite our sinfulness and cultural barriers He has ventured to know us. The great unknown is knowable. Like the Samaritan woman He has reached out for a drink; If only we would also step into the great unknown and drink the living water on offer.

Because of who Jesus is and what He has done we can grow in our understanding and know the gift of God who offers us living water.

  1. Fully Man (John 4:1-9 )
  2. Fully God (John 4:10-11 )
  3. Fully Ignorant (John 4:12-15)

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