Fully Known & Fully Loved

Fully Known & Fully Loved

Fully Known & Fully Loved | John 4:16-30; 39-42

The radical mission of Jesus is that He lovingly pursues sinners despite knowing their hearts and all the evil they have ever done or will do. The Samaritan woman was fully known and fully loved by Jesus in His words and deeds that revealed His true identity. In response to this revelation may we also drop what we hold dearly to in this life, and then run and tell others so they also can love and know the One who can can tell us all about us.For to be known is to be loved; And to be loved is to be known.‌

  1. Fully Known By God (John 4:16-20)
  2. Fully & Truly Know God (John 4:21-26)
  3. Fully Loved By God (John 4:27-30;39-42)

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