Families that Flourish: Parents

Families that Flourish: Parents

Families that Flourish: Parents | Ephesians 6:4

How can our family flourish in a fallen world? This is the question Paul addresses in Ephesians 5:22-6:4. Paul gives a variety of instructions to various members of the Christian household on how to think and conduct themselves as believers in their respective roles. In previous studies we have focused on the role of wives, husbands and children. In this study Paul now addresses the role and responsibility parents have toward their children. In this lesson we learnt that the Christian family flourishes in a fallen world as children obey and honour their parents in the Lord and fathers lead in the godly nurture of their children.

  1. Families flourish when the father takes the lead in parenting (v. 4a)
  2. Families flourish when parents take on God’s goal for parenting (Psalm 78:7)
  3. Families flourish when parents are careful not to provoke their children (v. 4b)
  4. Families flourish when parents nourish their children in the Lord (v. 4b)

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