Sunday School Policy

Sunday School Policy

The Sunday School ministry at Hills Bible Church (HBC) exists to both serve parents and children. This will be accomplished by coming along side parents by instructing children the Word of God in an atmosphere of singing, activities and teaching. The children are welcomed into a safe and caring environment where they are taught the Word of God.



The ultimate oversight of the Sunday School is the responsibility of the HBC Eldership. This will involve the oversight of the curriculum, music and staffing. The Elders will choose a person to be the Sunday School Superintendent. This individual must:

  • Be a Covenant Member of HBC
  • Attend weekly worship services
  • Be committed to weekly fellowship with HBC
  • Be committed to supporting the teachers to ensure that all needs are met
  • Be responsible for all the Administration process



Our Sunday School ministry occurs every Sunday morning before the church service at 9:30 am during the School term. The Sunday School curriculum should be in accordance with the Doctrinal Statements of HBC. The music should be Biblically based, God honouring and Christ centred. It can be memory based to help reinforce Scripture (eg. memorizing Bible books, names of the disciples, Scripture or doctrine) or other hymns, choruses and children’s songs that meet the above criteria.


All teachers must be covenant members of HBC (unless approved by the Elders on the basis of their commitment to the teaching and direction of HBC), attend weekly worship service at HBC, and be committed to weekly fellowship with HBC.


A helper can be a non-covenant member of HBC, but must attend weekly worship service at HBC, and be committed to weekly fellowship with HBC.

The Levels of Sunday School

There are three levels in the HBC Sunday School ministry:

  • 3 years – Grade 1
  • Grade 2-4
  • Grade 5-6

At the completion of grade 6, the student will graduate from Sunday School at the end of the year and then join the rest of the congregation for morning worship. With the permission of their parents, any high school student desiring to help in the Sunday School ministry will be required to meet the expectations of all Sunday School helpers.



Safety is a very important part of our ministry. For this reason we have put in place a number of structures and rules so as to provide protection for teachers, helpers and children in the Sunday School.

Working with Children Check (WWCC)

All Teachers and Helpers must have a WWCC. They must have received their card before beginning their service in the Sunday School.

Child Registration

A parent will be required to sign their child in and out of the Sunday School each Sunday.


It is very important for parents to make sure their children visit the toilets before they are dropped off to Sunday School.

New People

If a new person desires to help or teach in the HBC Sunday School, they will need to be regular attendees for at least 6 months before they can help or teach, and then meet the requirements stated earlier.

Version 3, February 2021