Covenant Membership

Covenant Membership

Covenant Membership

A casual reading of Scripture reveals that the commitment of believers to one another is anything but casual. It both describes and prescribes the formal and profound relationship that exists among those who have been reconciled to God and each other. This relationship is primarily fulfilled within the fold of this messy and beautiful reality called the local church. Covenant Membership provides that formal affirmation between a Church and a Christian. It is characterised by the church’s affirmation and oversight of a Christian’s discipleship and the Christian’s submission to living out his or her discipleship in the care of the church.

There are often misunderstandings around what church or covenant membership is and isn’t. Membership is not about privilege or prestige. It is not some doorway to insider benefits. Nor is it a legal document or means of control. Membership acknowledges and answers the call of discipleship in the context of gospel-centred community. It is an agreement to contribute to the good of the local body rather than consume from it. It is an obligation to sacrificially seek the good of others by using your spiritual gifts in the service of the body of Christ in this local community. What is Covenant Membership? It is simply a formalisation of what is already implied in Scripture.

A commitment to each other before God

This Covenant expresses the mutual expectations and hopes which we as individuals freely make in joining into membership with Hills Bible Church. While we will inevitably fail in one or more of these from time to time, they still set the ideals and goals to which each member is committed to maintaining and restoring where and when they are neglected.

AS AN ACTIVE MEMBER: I will adhere to the doctrinal basis of the church as articulated in the Statement of Beliefs and commit to the purposes of the church as articulated in the HBC Mission Statement.

IN MY PERSONAL LIFE: As I acknowledge Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour, I will seek to honour Him by my attitudes and speech. I will seek to prioritise my own spiritual nurture, particularly through regular prayer, the regular study of God’s word, and corporate worship.

TOWARD MY FELLOW BELIEVERS: I will work to maintain the unity granted by the Spirit of the Risen Christ and treat others with a loving and humble spirit in recognition of our mutual spiritual frailty. I will earnestly seek to resolve conflict between one another in accordance with the ‘Rule of Christ’ (Matthew 18.15-20) avoiding the amplification of grievance through other unwitting members. I will always look to support others in situations of genuine need, crisis and suffering.

FOR THE GOOD OF THE CHURCH: I will exercise my spiritual gifts and talents so as to contribute to the building up of the whole church family. I will participate in the process of discernment of the Spirit’s leading through prayerful participation in all church members’ meetings. I will encourage and support the appointed leaders and pastors of the church as they, in turn, coordinate and encourage our ministries to the fulfilment of our mission.

AS A CHRISTIAN STEWARD: I will be faithful in all things entrusted into my care, the Good News about Jesus, my time and my home. Expressing my gratitude to Christ through faithful financial contribution to HBC, in accordance with what I have decided in my heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion (2 Cor 9:6&7).

BEFORE THE WORLD: I will, with the enablement of the Holy Spirit, live consistently with the principles of His Gospel in all arenas of my life in word, attitude and conduct, in order to bear witness to the reign of Jesus Christ.

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