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Selfishness is something we are all too well familiar with. Me, myself and I are the three people we tend to be most consumed with. Selfishness is the state of being concerned primarily with self and it begins with the craving to satisfy your desires, and it is then carried out by actions that are all about you. The sin of selfishness is such a debilitating sin. It robs us of the joy of being satisfied with God and His sovereign purposes.


What is the remedy to rid selfishness?  When we take the focus off delighting in God and His ways, we rob ourselves of joy and enter into the state of selfishness. The first question of the shorter catechism is, “What is the chief end of man?” and the answer is, “The chief end of man is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Form this we learn that life is not all about us! To strip the sin of selfishness off in our lives, we need to look to the Lord. We need to take time to delight in Him and praise Him for His great grace and goodness.


If it were not for His saving grace, we would still be lost in our sins and be deserving of eternal judgment. We ought to carefully consider how selfish we can be, and seek the Lord’s forgiveness. He is worthy of our attention. One way of doing this is to take regular time to praise God for who He is and thank Him for His daily grace in our lives.


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