Equip Class – Adult Sunday School

Equip Class – Adult Sunday School

Learning For Life

Sundays at 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM

We aim to use these classes to train and equip believers to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Classes will be tailored to address each sphere of life. They will include teaching on topics such as:  parenting, evangelism, missions, relationships, church history, Biblical counselling, theology, Bible survey, biographies, and preaching.

To raise up leaders, teachers will choose and partner with a trainee. The leader will have them teach, make comments, and reflect on the lesson. We hope to release these trained men to teach their own classes and train others in the future (cf. 2 Tim. 2:2).

Term 2

The Journey Through the Bible  – Pastor Andrew Courtis (+ additional teachers)

What is the Bible about? Many people don’t want to read the Bible because they often think it is boring or that it is hard to understand. In this class, we will share the exciting message of the whole Bible. We will learn how the world came into existence and how everything will end. In between, we will learn stories of tragedy and triumph. The Bible contains the most powerful story ever told. There are nine signposts that will help us navigate this journey:

  1. Paradise & Pollution
  2. Patriarchs & Promises
  3. Rescue & Rebellion
  4. Conquest & Cycles
  5. Kings & Prophets
  6. Removal & Return
  7. Christ & Cross
  8. Church & Commission
  9. Punishment & Paradise

Knowing, Living & Speaking the Gospel – Pastor Craig Baxter (+ additional teachers)

Few topics are more discouraging than vague and guilt-inducing discussions on evangelism. Instead of being something we delight in, sharing our faith becomes something we fear and shrink away from. This will not be one of those classes! We will not be pushing the latest evangelistic fads or methods. Rather, in this Equip class we aim to give you Biblical clarity on the gospel, we will learn how the Gospel makes us whole and healthy messengers of God’s truth about Jesus, and we will provide practical insights into how to share the gospel naturally and confidently, with joy rather than fear. Join us as we become better equipped to know live and speak the Gospel.