Set Your Mind On…

Set Your Mind On…

As Christians, we wrestle with setting our minds on the things of God as opposed to the things of man.

It is directly related to how we personally view God. Do we see the power of God, His majesty and His Glory and in response humble ourselves? Or are we more impressed with  how God uses US? Is God our focus – or are we?

Check out the following video.


In light of what it is that holds your attention, did you focus on the man or the wave he rides?

Think about it for a while. Are you more impressed and amazed with all that you do in the name of Christ, instead of being awestruck by His might and power? This should drive us to our knees in brokenness and a deep sense of worship and thanksgiving for the great love and mercy that has been expressed to us.

Meditate on this for a bit. (Colossians 3:2)


  1. Bible Study

    This reminds me of the scripture in Colossians that tells us to set our affections on things above where Christ sits on the right hand of God, not on the things of the earth. Treasures on earth will corrupt, but treasures in heaven endure forever.

  2. Don

    So true! Even in the relatively short course of one’s lifespan we experience things we once thought so permanent pass away. Just think of the many who put their trust in always having a good job, being able to afford living in a large home and driving the latest luxury car but have seen all this crumble under the GFC.

    Setting our affections on ‘things above’ is one of the keys to walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

    The phrase ‘Set your affection on’ could be translated by saying ‘Exercise your mind on’. Psalm 1:2 also confirms where our thinking should be. Our thinking should be on meditating (pondering or murmuring to yourself) on the Word of God and His laws.

    When you exercise the mind upon the things of the LORD you do not leave room for anything of the world to slip in. Paul said in Romans 12:2 not to be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

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