‘Renewing Minds’ and ‘The City’: two recommended resources

‘Renewing Minds’ and ‘The City’: two recommended resources

There is plenty (more than plenty) of good Christian publishing occurring in the fields of theology, apologetics, biblical studies etc. Evangelically-minded scholars from seminaries and theological colleges around the world really do pump out some good stuff. However, there is still, in my opinion, a lack of Christian scholarly writing and publishing in those fields not found in the classrooms of seminaries. I want to point to a couple exceptions, which I hope are the beginning of a growth-spurt in this area of Christian witness. Interestingly, both are Baptist.

There seems to be somewhat of a resurgence of distinctly Christian and Baptist higher education in the United States. Two schools leading the charge are Union University, in Jackson TN, and Houston Baptist University, in Texas. These universities both publish journals (which I subscribe to) which focus Christian thought. The first one is the journal Renewing Minds, from Union University.

renewing minds

Renewing Minds is a relatively new project, having only just mailed out it’s third volume. The current volume is on the issue of religious liberty, and features articles by quality Christian thinkers like Jordan Ballor, John Witte Jr., and the journal’s editor Hunter Baker. The stated aim of the journal is to “foster robust reflection at the intersection of higher education, culture, and the Christian intellectual tradition.” I received my first issue in the mail yesterday, and am excited to begin mining the goods within. You can subscribe here.

The City

The second is The City. This journal is out of Houston Baptist University (HBU), and is a compelling mix of cultural and political commentary, poetry, interviews essays, and book reviews. HBU is bringing some quality folk on it’s faculty, and many are involved in The City. The most recent issue (which I happily received in the mail!) contained articles about Christian political activism and engagement, and helpful discussions about the shaping of the US constitution. The City offers philosophical/theological depth, and yet remains accessible. It is available to subscribers for free if you sign up here.

These are readily accessible, free resources, which I trust will help evangelicals think more carefully, engage more faithfully, and love God and their neighbour more fully. Tuck in, folks!


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