Let God be our Role Model

Let God be our Role Model

I have been really challenged of late as to how I look at God. Do I look up to Him and reflect on Him all the time, or do I focus my time and energy on other things, other ‘role models’?

Princes and Golfers

Recently we have seen what hysteria the visit of Prince William has had in Australia. On the news the other day I was listening and watching how much people were swamping him, adoring him, focusing on him. How do you act when you see a celebrity, whether it be a royal, a sporting star, a movie star or even a politician? Do you want do get a glimpse? Do you want to shake their hand and tell them how great you think they are? Do you want to emulate their achievements, even if it be in a smaller way?

How easy it is to look up to and glorify people instead of the One who alone is worthy of our praise. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with admiring and respecting those who strive for excellence in their profession. I always have a level of awe for how dedicated and refined athletes are. To see the human body at it’s peak is simply amazing. My jaw drops when I look at how gymnasts do their stuff. The musculature of their physiques is phenomenal.

Then there are those well publicised church leaders; those people who have a profound impact on our spiritual journey with God. I remember visiting Bill Hybels, head pastor at Willow Creek Community Church, at a conference. I was so excited to meet him and say how much I have appreciated his leadership and impact on my life. However if it wasn’t for God inspiring, changing and equipping Him, he would be a self-obsessed, sinful person like anyone else. His achievements and influence should cause us to marvel and thank God, that He can use ordinary people to do great things. What an encouragement!

Compared to God we are all Very Ordinary

My point being is that God has wired us all to look up to Him, to marvel at who He is and to be filled with awe!!! His power, His love, His unmerited favour and grace, His mercy, His holiness, His creative brilliance, His sovereignty… to be blown away… and completely humbled and in awe! As much as some people achieve, they are simply people. Compared to God, we are all very, very ordinary!

Look at Tiger Woods for example. Six weeks ago everyone looked up to him not only as arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time, but in how humble and family orientated he supposedly was. I want to be like Tiger Woods! However as the truth is revealed with his affairs and infidelity, we realise how sinful he is, as we all tragically are! Thank God we don’t have to rely on ourselves for hope, but on Him.

The Fear of the Lord is the Beginning of Knowledge

It is the glory of God alone which should fill us with awe, deserves our praise and honour, earning our  respectful ‘fear’ (Prov 1:7). By all means have our roles models, but let’s never forget our ultimate role model, Jesus Christ. For He didn’t fail like Tiger Woods. He didn’t get our hopes up only to let us down. He honoured and glorified His Father in heaven by completing the work He was sent to do. He humbled himself to the point of death on a cross so that we may be restored with God and glorify and enjoy Him forever.

So let’s allow God to change our mindset, to help us to get to know Him, to draw close to Him, to reflect Him and to fall down on our knees and glorify Him.


  1. Denita

    I think the most common reason we tend to look up to other people as role models is, they seem more tangible than God to our diminished senses. In our current fallen state our vision is dim and shrouded, so as we grope about crawling in the darkness we’re inclined to grab on to the nearest thing–or person–that seems slightly more competent than us. Even Christians are more inclined to grasp at their pastors, deacons, or people they see as more mature in the faith, than they are to grasp at the Word and see the road map printed there…and we’re often too caught up with a temporal human-led game of Marco Polo to listen for the gentle voice of the Spirit whispering to us, guiding us around the pits and traps.

  2. Don

    Denita, you are so right.

    Our perspective is so much tied to the temporal. No matter how many times we are let down by the flawed nature of mankind, we still return to the trough.

    Far better to ‘look to Jesus’ (Hebrews 2:2).

  3. Stu (Author)

    So true Denita. When I find myself falling into this trap it often correlates with my walk with the Lord not being as close as it could be, ie my quiet time and dedicated time with Him has been compromised for some reason. The more time we spend with Him the more we are humbled by His majesty and no role model comes even close to that! God then becomes the one who we primarily look up to, model and please with our lives.

    • Denita

      Oh absolutely! I find myself falling into that trap more often than I should…I’m especially guilty of hanging onto my husband’s coattails the most, because he is the closest and most mature Christian in my life. He usually shakes me off briskly though, LOL… 😉

  4. nephelometers

    Hi! I’ve been looking for a christian site, finally, I stumbled on this site. I like everything written. Thanks for the words of wisdom. Thanks for feeding my faith with God’s words. I will surely come back. Reading this blog, Romans 12:2 came into my mind – renewing our mind; meditating on His word day and night will help us focus some more to Jesus. I use to like Tiger but then Ive realized he is human and can easily commit mistakes. God is good, He is there for me everytime. Thanks for this post. God bless!

    • Stu (Author)

      Hi Nephelomet, Thanks for your encouraging feedback. It’s great to know some of the encouraging ways in how God is using this Blog site. It’s a great way to learn from each other. It’s amazing you just never know how God may use what we learn to teach and encourage others. It’s very humbling! We hope to hear from you again soon. God Bless.

  5. Don

    Nephelomet, thanks for your kind words. we welcome you as a regular visitor to our site.

    The best way to keep in touch with us is to subscribe to our blog via the RSS feed in the upper right column.

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