Top Ten Pickup Lines Used By Adam

Top Ten Pickup Lines Used By Adam

    Today is the day of romance.

    Men have faced an uphill challenge attracting a suitable mate in the pursuit of which they often resort to the corniest one-liners any could imagine. But don’t worry men, this is a problem as old as history itself.

    One can only guess what pickup lines Adam tried on Eve. Here’s a few suggestions.

    10. “You know you’re the only one for me!”

    9. “Do you come here often?”

    8. “Trust me, this was meant to be!”

    7. “Look around, baby. All the other guys around here are animals!”

    6. “I already feel like you’re a part of me!”

    5. “Honey, you were made for me!”

    4. “Why don’t you come over to my place and we can name some animals?”

    3. “You’re the girl of my dreams!” (Gen 2:21)

    2. “I like a girl who doesn’t mind being ribbed!”

    1. “You’re the apple of my eye!”

    Can you add anything better to this list?


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