Global Trips

Global Trips

Armenia Short Term Mission Trips

In 2023 we sent a team of 13 people to Armenia to help our supported church planters, Haykaz and Lika, to renovate and expand the church building and engage the community of Agarak through a holiday kids’ program. The mission was a wonderful success in both the building work as well as helping the church develop important inroads into the community. These works assist our brother and sister in further reaching their community through another holiday children’s and teen Bible program. The short term mission strips allow those attending to experience the Armenian culture at its best, learn about their rich and tragic history, taste the food, and fall in love with the people. They get to worship with, encourage and help God’s servants, Haykaz and Lika, as they reach their community for Christ.

Why Hills does Mission Trips

There are many rewards but only one target:

Reward: The goer (You): A ‘goer’ witnesses first-hand God’s gospel advance throughout the nations, learns about other cultures and grows in Christ as they trust Him and see Him answer prayer.

Reward: The sender (Hills Bible Church): The church is blessed to send ‘goers’ and share in their joy when they return.

Reward: In-country believers: Local believers are encouraged to press on in their faith as they witness the passion, love and zeal of Hills ‘goers’.

Reward: In-country unbelievers: We witness God use mission trips to bring the love of Jesus Christ in the gospel to local unbelievers.

Target: The missionary

The target of our mission trips revolves around the axis of the missionary: their family, ministry and strategy. Our mission trips are designed to come alongside the missionary and support them where needed most. When this is done our missionaries are more effective and better able to carry out their God-given task.

Want to know more? See the 2023 trip photos and video below:

The 2023 trip ran from 29 June through to 12 July, and was made possible by personal contributions from attendees and the generous support of the congregation of Hills Bible Church. 

To learn more about the 2023 trip, watch the video below.



Updated: 29 May 2024