Global Gospel Advancement

Global Gospel Advancement

Partners in the Gospel

Hills Bible Church loves and longs for the gospel of the kingdom of Christ to advance over all the earth while we wait for the coming King, the Lord Jesus. We seek to be faithful to the command of Christ to go into all the world and proclaim Him (Matt 28:18-20), knowing that God uses the preaching of the gospel to save the lost (Rom 10:14-16).

In the book of Philippians, Paul addresses the Philippian church as partners in the gospel (Phil 1:3-5). As such, we desire to be a partnering community that strategically invests in the gospel workers we send out. Unity in Christ empowers us to be committed partners who pray, communicate often, visit in person, give resources, and equip for gospel ministry. In order to pursue this calling, we strive to be steady partners with genuine concern for our workers, even standing with them in the midst of trouble to strengthen the work of the gospel (Phil 4:10-16).

Global Partners

Hills Bible Church is committed to reaching and teaching the nations for Christ in all corners of the globe.

We focus on four key areas:

  1. Planting healthy, doctrinally sound churches
  2. Theologically training national pastors
  3. Reaching unreached people groups
  4. Supporting the persecuted church

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Global Trips

The goal of our global short-term missions program is to assist in bridging the gap between the missionary partner and the local church. Our short-term trips are designed to support our missionaries and give ‘goers’ a realistic, albeit short, window into long-term missions. 

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Updated: 3 August 2023