Sunday School

5 Burwood Hwy, Wantirna VIC 3152, Australia

Sundays 10 AM to 10:45 AM At 10 AM on Sundays, we cater for children in Sunday School during most of the year (except for School Holidays and for special services). The Sunday School ministry at Hills Bible Church (HBC) exists to both serve parents and children. This will be accomplished by coming alongside parents by instructing children the Word of God in an atmosphere of singing, activities and teaching. The children are welcomed into a safe and caring environment […]

What we Believe (Part 3) | Lesson 9 | Anchoring our souls to a rock-solid theology

If there were ever a time when Christians needed to know what we believe and why, it is now. The reason is simple and serious. We live in a culture where most ways of thinking are regarded as being equally true, despite how absurd they may sound and how unbiblical they may be, and if we are not anchored to a rock-solid theology, we will be washed away by the tide of error and false beliefs.This class will explore the […]

How to Study and Preach the Bible | Lesson 9

The church is at its best when the Word of God is taught and preached accurately and with conviction from the dinner table to the pulpit. This need is not only for pastors, but for all congregants who have opportunity to open Gods Word and explain what it means, from mothers and fathers to Sunday School and Life Group leaders. This class aims to help you open the Word of God, accurately explain what it means, show its relevance to […]

Truth In Tricky Times (High School Ages) | Lesson 9 | Solid Answers To Tricky Questions

Everyone has questions, but its where your answers take you that's most important, and the times we live in are certainly tricky. If young people arent informed by truth they can easily lose their footing and stumble into some strange ideology, theory or conspiracy. In our Youth Equip class this term we will find solid answers from Biblical truth to hard questions that we face everyday. Some of the questions will be, "Doesn't Jesus ruin your fun?, "If Jesus is […]

Essentials of the Christian Life (中文) | Lesson 9

Since we have a number of new Christians in our community, we plan to run a series of topics and discussion on the basics of the Christian life. Topics will include: 1) The Gospel; 2) The Bible; 3) Bible Reading; 4) Prayer; 5) The Church; 6) Worship; 7) Holiness; 8) Maturity; 9) Witnessing; and 10) The Lords Will.