Marriage Under Attack

Marriage Under Attack

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Marriage is under attack. Of course this is not hot off the press news. Since God first instituted marriage back in Genesis 2, the institution of marriage has been criticised and contorted by many. There are those who verbally mock the institution, others will sabotage it and some have tried to redefine it.


Attacks come in many forms. One kind of attack is the promotion of alternative lifestyles. It is suggested by some that you don’t need to get married to have fun and be a family. We are being increasingly exposed to those things that are against God’s intention for marriage. People living together before marriage, the promotion of casual sex, open marriages, homosexuality, adultery and divorce are sins that are becoming more openly accepted in society and they are even being advocated on television programs as normal or humorous. Regardless of what society may think, the foundation of a heathy and robust society is marriage. The moment marriage begins to break-up or ceases to function the way God intends, it will not be long before there are ramifications in the family and ultimately in society. As you begin to destroy the Biblically defined structure and blueprint for a godly marriage, destruction and devastation comes to society.


The institution of marriage is under attack. Why should we care? These attacks undermine God’s intention for marriage and bring about a distortion of what God has deemed as good. Because God created marriage, He alone is able to set the standard. Despite the many damaging attacks on marriage, God continues to view marriage as precious because He designed it and defined it. There is something very special about the beauties, benefits, and blessings of marriage. Furthermore, anything that undermines, threatens or damages a marriage is an evil attack. As Christians we ought to identify those attacks, call them out as sin and defend what God deems good. Marriage is worth celebrating and defending! Furthermore, if one’s life has been (or is) damaged as a result of these attacks, there is good news for you in the powerful gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ (something which will be considered throughout this series).


It is for this reason that in my next few posts, I will consider 6 sins that attack marriage. Some of them are closely related or are logical outcomes of other sins. They are: pornography, pre-marital sex, cohabitation, adultery, divorce, and homosexuality.


My goal in addressing these attacks to is not to be harsh and demeaning. But rather, with conviction and care my goal is to point out why marriage is worth celebrating and defending. It is for our good and God’s glory.






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