Farewell, Pastor Martin

Farewell, Pastor Martin

Today is Pastor Martin Pakula’s final Sunday service as Interim Pastor of Hills Bible Church. Martin has been with us since June 2011, and has served the congregation at Hills faithfully week in and week out. It is a sad day, as we have grown in fellowship and friendship with Martin and Jennie. Martin’s clear and accurate expositional preaching has been provoking, challenging and encouraging. His drive for Hills to be a church focused on evangelism and outreach will be an enduring part of his legacy. He instigated scripture reading training, the Christmas gingerbread house event, the regular public and systematic reading of scripture in our services, and hospitality evangelism. We will also miss his regular blog contributions. Jennie has also been faithful member at Hills, serving on the music team, and playing a leading role at the women’s events.

Picture caption: A recent Ministry Leadership Team meeting. Left to right – Stu pretending to be Luke Hodge, Lindsay looks to be off fishing, and Martin in his Anglican garb on his way to deliver the Eucharist at St. Chuzzlewit’s. 

Martin, we have much to thank you for, not least for putting up with our Baptist sensibilities. We’re sorry you weren’t able to finish off the elements each Lord’s Supper, but it’s just not the way it’s done. In all seriousness, both you and Jennie will be sorely missed. May the Lord bless you and your family in the next chapter of your life and ministry.


  1. Martin Pakula (Author)

    Very funny Simon! We’ll really miss you guys. Hills Bible Church is such a welcoming, warm church. It’s been very encouraging and a real privilege. Praise God.

    • Guy Kananen

      Hello Pastor,

      I read one of your articles “Headings in the Bible” Posted on 14/06/2012
      Good article thank you for you time and insight. It made me think that you might be interested in a Bible that does not have section headings. Take a look at “The Orthodox New Testament.” It has some good reviews on Amazon.
      Sorry I posted here, I was unable to login.

      Very Best Regards,
      In Christ,

      Guy Kananen
      Plymouth, Michigan

  2. Simon (Author)

    Martin, of course we will miss you and Jennie! What a blessing you guys have been to our church. I think Hills will look back on your time as interim pastor as a vital formative period.

  3. Stu (Author)

    Hey Martin… thanks so much for you faithful work and leadership over the past 13 months at HBC. It’s been such a blessing to serve God with you. I have learnt much from your leadership. I look forward to hearing what God has in store for you, Jennie and the family next. Make sure you stay in touch… and even post a comment on our blog site 🙂

  4. Don (Author)

    Martin, with your departure we are losing a faithful blogger. We look forward to Andrew stepping in to fill the gap. We know he respects the standard which you have set.

    May God be glorified!

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