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A Prayer for the Postal Plebiscite

Great and Holy God, You alone are the Lord and King. To Your Name belong glory, greatness, power, and praise. As our nation discuss and debate the matter of marriage, I thank you for the gift of marriage. You established and designed it to be the union between one man and one woman in covenant faithfulness. Thank you for the blessings of sexual pleasure, spiritual…

The Priorities of a Godly Father

  The 3rd September is Father’s Day here in Australia. I’m sure many dads will enjoy receiving cards, gifts, and maybe celebratory meals from their children. No doubt for many dads their sock or chocolate supply will be replenished until Christmas. With this wonderful celebration going on over the weekend, I would like to take the time to reflect on the…

An Overview of Habakkuk

Have you ever noticed that strange and terrible things are happening in the world? The answer to that question is really obvious. It would be really hard not to notice. But what’s not always obvious is why strange and terrible things are happening. Sometimes things happen and we simply have no answers. One of the most common questions we ask is “Why?”

Buddies, Beer, and Bibles

Trending on social media the last few days is the controversy raised by a campaign and a conversation. This was a conversation that involved Buddies, Beer, and Bibles. The Bible Society of Australia is celebrating their 200th Anniversary and in commemoration of this occasion, Coopers Brewery will produce a special batch of limited edition light beer cans. A part of this…

Bible Reading 2017

“Resolved, to study the Scriptures so steadily, constantly and frequently, as that I may find, and plainly perceive myself to grow in the knowledge of the same.” This was the 28th of Jonathan Edwards 70 resolutions.

The Need for Reminders

To forget is a tendency of being human. The condition of forgetfulness can be frustrating and even embarrassing at times. We forget items on a shopping list, stickers or tags on new clothes, to check the mail, to turn the light off, special occasions, appointments and even people’s names. There are many things that we do so as to help us remember. We write post it…