The Gospel (Page 8)

The Gospel (Page 8)

Creating gods

God is omnipotent. God is omniscient. God is loving. God is wise. God is good. Sometimes it’s good to just focus on who God is. Wayne Grudem points out in his video series, Christian Beliefs, that God’s omniscience means that God knows everything about everything right down to knowing the history and future of every single atom in the universe he created. But that isn’t…

Assurance of Salvation

The other day I was doing a Bible study with a friend. My opening question I like to ask is whether you are 100% sure that you will go to heaven. She wasn’t. She thought of her sins and couldn’t be 100% sure that God would accept her into heaven. But at the end of the study half an hour or so later, she was 100% sure. Praise God! The study I was using is from Matthias…

Christians and Passover

When Jesus returns, God’s judgment will come. But it will pass over us, because Jesus’ blood has been shed to atone for our sins. So what does a present day Jewish Passover meal have to do with all this? Would it help Christians to see one? Does it contain some deep truths that will deepen our understanding of what Christ has done?

Firing Your Pastor

At the conclusion of the service, as was this Pastor’s practice, he gave the congregation an opportunity to respond to the call of the Lord. My daughter almost climbed over the empty pews in front of us, so anxious was she get to the front to declare her faith.

When Evangelism Turns into Deception

People should be under no illusions what the church stands for. If some people don’t agree with it, then that’s fine. They don’t have to stay. But when people choose to stay it’s more likely because they want to be a part of a unified body of people with a clear vision – to glorify Jesus in all we do and see people come to faith in, and mature in their relationship with…