The Gospel (Page 5)

The Gospel (Page 5)

Justified by the Resurrection

There needs to be time for the gospel to go out into the world so that people can hear it and be saved. Jesus’ resurrection spells the end for this creation; it shows us that judgement is nigh; and it means that the new creation is just around the corner. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

Christian Hope

A belief in the return of Jesus means that our Christian hope for sinless perfection, justice, prosperity, and health are deferred from this life to the life to come. We eagerly await the return of Jesus because such things as these will be ours when he comes again. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

Prove all things by the Word of God

A church which does not honour the Bible is as useless as a body without life, or a steam engine without fire. A minister who does not honour the Bible is as useless as a soldier without arms, a builder without tools, a pilot without compass, or a messenger without tidings.

A Foot in Both Camps

What if you weren’t sure that you would be raised from the dead? What if you had doubts? What if you thought that this life may well be all there is? Perhaps you would have a foot in both camps. Perhaps you would live as if this life is all there is, but try and be a Christian at the same time. What would that look like? ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

An open letter to the 7 billionth baby

“Listen to me: if there is hope for the world (and there is), it doesn’t lie inside you. In spite of every human philosophy, what changes the world is not your best effort — because look: there haven’t just already been 7 billion best efforts before you, but more like 107 billion best efforts before you, and this is all we could come up with.” ****THANK-YOU FOR…

The Torment of the Gospel

It is disturbing that the good news of forgiveness and salvation could be a torment to some.  It is also disturbing because I’m not sure this reflects reality for the church in the West.  Does our preaching of the gospel cause torment?  It does in Revelation.  The church in Revelation is often the persecuted church; the church that faithfully bears witness to Jesus, even…

Feeling Bad and Repentance

This is a wise saying, is it not? Convictions (i.e. ‘feeling bad’) and legal qualms are not equivalent to repentance. They must be present in order to reach a state of repentance, but only the gospel can bring someone to Christ fully repentant. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****

Tim Tebow and Modern Evangelicalism

Tim Tebow won two national titles as the quarterback for theUniversity of Florida Gators while he was in college. He is legitimately regarded as one of, if not the best, college football players of all time in a place where rabid doesn’t quite describe the passion of the fan-base. His popularity was so great that his jersey became the number one selling jersey in the NFL…