The Gospel (Page 4)

The Gospel (Page 4)

This is War!

The devil still fights us. Though he has been defeated by Jesus he goes on to make war on the church (Revelation 12:7f). The devil attacks the church by physical persecution (Revelation 13). But he also attacks the church by the more subtle attack of false teaching, which distorts the truth and takes Jesus’ servants away from him.

The Sinfulness of Sin

Nothing, I am convinced, will astonish us so much, when we awake in the resurrection day, as the view we shall have of sin and the retrospect we shall take of our own countless shortcomings and defects. Never till the hour when Christ comes the second time shall we fully realize the ‘sinfulness of sin’.


We normally don’t require any strategy for talking about things about which we are passionate. Most of us could go on infinitum about our favorite sports team. We are not trying to land a ‘knock-out punch’ here, or close the sale. That’s God’s job. So why not simply tell others, “One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”? (John 9:25). There is nothing as…

Decision for Christ

They obviously had not heard any gospel in either the address or the counselling. They had no idea about being justified by faith in the doing and dying of Christ. It seems that the decision can become everything. People are exhorted to turn to Christ, to receive Christ, to ask Jesus into their hearts, and the like, even when they have been given no substantial idea at…

Why should we pray against gay marriage?

At one of our church’s recent corporate prayer meeting, we prayed for our nation. We prayed that the government would not legalise gay marriage, that the horrific practise of abortion would cease. More broadly, we prayed that our nation’s slide toward paganism would be slowed. Why do we pray for these things? Why do we need to contend for social, moral, and…

Our Faithful Shepherd

Every time I cried out in pain and confusion, God graciously touched me in some way, giving me what I needed to push on. He has taught me that His purpose for my life is based firstly on holiness and not happiness. Despite being unhappy many times during those two to three years, I am truly thankful and in awe of how good and gracious God was in teaching and developing me…

A Call to Ministry

Many fine Christians believe in a call to ministry. I have often been asked whether I am called to ministry myself. What does the Bible say about such a call? ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING****