Fallen & Flawed (Page 2)

Fallen & Flawed (Page 2)

So, you think you’re a good person?

Sometimes we come across stuff we want to share with our readers. Because we don’t indulge in plagiarism, so common in the blogging community, when we do, we will provide a brief summary and links to the location of the original article. ****THANK-YOU FOR SUBSCRIBING**** SIMON’S SHORTS: “Throughout most of history our actions have been an indicator of our character,…

Divorce and You

Are you happily married and feel that divorce is not an option? Maybe the concept scares you. The fear of loss seems overwhelming. Are you in a struggling marriage and the end is near? Perhaps you are confused, angry, depressed, or grieving. Or maybe you are happy and envision this as the necessary end of an unpleasant relationship. Perhaps your parents are divorced.…

Biblical Sainthood

There have of course been those who have taken the story (of Mary MacKillop) as an opportunity to criticize the church and Christianity in general. They are always careful of course to praise MacKillop for the work that she did before seeking to undermine the very reason for which she served so faithfully and sacrificially, her faith and a desire to serve God.