Church (Page 8)

Church (Page 8)

Who’s Church is This Anyway?

Well here it is. I found myself counting heads during the service. Why did that matter to me? Is the number of people attending our worship service in any way indicative of God’s blessing? Well, perhaps – or perhaps not. But one thing’s for sure, counting heads during the worship service is not compatible with Phillipians 4:6. You see, I was anxious – I thought to…


Clergy and theologians — people invested in the significance of doctrine — may be dismayed by the newest Pew findings but they can hardly be surprised. An array of surveys in the last two years have detailed the swirling, unbounded paths of believers. The data show: • Between 47% and 59% of Americans have changed religions at least once, according to a Pew…

Serve God Humbly

To serve God and others is a privilege we should all cherish and never take for granted. It is also important to serve with the right motives.

Can We Learn From This? Building a New Church

Last Sunday I attended the church in which my wife and I were actively involved prior to moving permanently to Australia. In many ways things hadn’t changed all that much, but in others it is an entirely different church. Located in one of Vancouver’s affluent suburbs, it had been a church made up almost exclusively of an Anglo/European membership. Many of those people…