2024 Church Family Camp | Important Information

2024 Church Family Camp | Important Information

The 2024 Hills Bible Church Family Camp is here! We are so looking forward to seeing you there and pray that it is a time of spiritual blessing and fellowship for us all. Before camp begins there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. Please see the information below, whether you are staying on site or joining during the day.

Click here for the 2024 Camp Booklet

5/4 – Friday Arrival Times

  • Arrive – 5:30pm
  • Pizza Dinner – 6:30pm
  • First Session – 7:30pm

Camp starts on Friday 5th April at Phillip Island Adventure Resort, 1775-1801 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes Victoria 3922. Click here for Google Maps directions.

Guests can begin arriving from 5:30 PM onwards and we will have a pizza dinner at 6:30 PM. The pizza dinner is complimentary for all Friday night guests. The first session will begin at 7:30 PM.

6/4 – Saturday Arrival Times

If you are arriving on Saturday morning: : please note that breakfast will begin at 7:30am and the first session will start at 8:30am.


When you arrive the boom gate at the campsite entrance will open automatically upon approach.

Overnight guests will be sent their room number the day before camp begins and there are parking spaces in front of the accommodation blocks for your use. Many rooms will have a number of people in them and potentially several cars: please try to allow your neighbours to access their parking space for their room. If you have maxed out the spots in front of your room, please use the spaces in front of the reception building or dining room. 

All day visitors may park in the common car park in front of the reception building or dining room.

Our group will be using the Smith’s Dining Room, the Smith’s and Woolamai accommodation blocks, and the Auditorium. Please familiarise yourself with the attached site map before arrival.

Checking in on Friday evening

On Friday evening, Hannah Hunt will be stationed in the carpark in front of the dining room to check you in and direct you to your room. Please make sure to make yourself known to Hannah before heading to the pizza dinner so she can check your name off the list.

Full Site Map 



Bedding and Towels

All overnight guests will need to bring their own bedding and personal toiletries. Please ensure you bring towels, bed sheets (single bed size for individuals), doonas/blankets or a sleeping bag, and a pillowcase. Feel free to bring additional pillows if you would like to make yourself more comfortable.

Personal toiletries items (shampoo, bath soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc) are not provided at camp. Towels are also not provided at the swimming pool. Please bring your own personal toiletries supplies and towels for both showers and swimming.

Parents of infants are reminded to bring a travel cot or bassinet for children who cannot sleep in a single bed.

Each room has a private bathroom. There is one common toilet with shower facilities in our accommodation wing for any day visitors who are interested in participating in the outdoor activities on Saturday afternoon. Please bring your own towels and personal toiletries if you wish to make use of the shower facilities.


Please consider appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor activities that you’d like to take part in (including water activities such as canoeing). Please check the weather forecast before leaving home.

There is a morning walk/run to Smith’s Beach where we will have a swim, for those who want to take part. Please bring your swimmers, towel, and runners. If you’d like to join but not get in the water, you are very welcome! The sunrise last year was incredible – bring your camera 🙂  

Name Tags

To help us all get to know one another and learn one another’s names, please bring your HBC name tag if you have one and wear it during camp. If you do not have an HBC name tag, there will be stickers provided in the dining room upon arrival. Please feel free to make use of these during camp.

Checking In/Out

If you or your family will be leaving the campsite at any time during the camp, we request that you please sign out using the sign out sheet located in the dining room. Please remember to sign back in when you return to the campsite. This helps us to keep track of who is onsite for safety and security purposes.

Camp Rules

 At Hills Bible Church, we take the responsibility of ensuring a safe environment at camp seriously. In registering for and attending the camp, you acknowledge, understand and agree to abide by the camp rules below: All rules apply throughout the duration of the camp, with exceptions for emergency situations. Rules are subject to change and update prior to or during the camp. Any changes will be notified via email.

Times and places Agreements:

  • I agree to adhere to the 2am curfew that will be in place on Friday and Saturday nights, for all attendees regardless of age.
  • If I leave Phillip Island Adventure Resort (PIAR) grounds for any reason during the camp, I will inform camp supervisors prior to departure so that they can maintain an accurate count of campers on the premises. 
  • I will ensure to be punctual to sessions or volunteering duties.
  • I will not enter staff areas.
  • I will respect the presence of other camps at PIAR and stay within our area of the camp.
  • I will not enter cabins accommodating those of the opposite sex for any reason throughout the camp.
  • I will be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you Eph 4:32

Rooms/Cabins Rules:

  • There is no swapping of rooms once allocated, unless arranged and approved by the Camp Committee prior to camp (noting that there is limited ability to do so).
  • Respect those in your cabin, whether they are family members or others from the church.
  • Broadly, if you are not booked in a cabin, please respect those who are and do not enter unless you are invited and are of the same sex.
  • Cabin doors cannot be locked: Any valuables left unattended in a cabin are at your own risk. For security, please lock valuables in your car.
  • Keep rooms clean.
  • No jumping on the beds. Fun, yes; Permitted, no.


  • Outside of designated activities such as the Children’s Program, it is the responsibility of Parents/Guardians to supervise their child/children at all times and in all activities (especially in the swimming pool).


  • No unaccompanied minors are to book. If you are under 18 and planning to attend without your parent/s or guardian, please email camp@hillsbiblechurch.org for parent / guardian approval forms.
  • All existing Hills Bible Church policies and agreements are applicable at camp and are not overwritten by these camp rules.
  • All legal Phillip Island Adventure Resort rules and policies, where directed and informed, are to be followed.  

Room Number

You will receive another email from us on Thursday 4th April (the day before camp begins) which will include your room number and the camp booklet. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to email us at camp@hillsbiblechurch.org.

HBC’s Got Talent! Saturday night talent show

We’ve already got a number of talented people of HBC booked for this year’s talent show – this will be a fun night! We encourage you to take part, with whatever it is you can do and would like to share. Extra sign up sheets will be available on Friday night and throughout Saturday. Participants are required to bring everything they need to take part (trumpet, trombone, whatever it may be!) and if your talent requires any assistance from the AV team, please email Matt by midday Thursday (but the friendly AV will assist you where possible if you decide to sign up on the night and need a hand). 

If you have any questions before camp, please feel free to email our camp committee at camp@hillsbiblechurch.org,

See you there!